for the SMARTFLOOR Vinyl Click Flooring

Installation and Maintenance Guidelines for the SMARTFLOOR Vinyl Click Flooring

Smartfloor Vinyl Click Flooring is intended for a use in new or old interior premises.


Utility knife, wall spacers, pencil, tape measure, ruler, rubber mallet, carpenters square, pull bar and safety goggles (Saw and hammer if you install the S5403).

Acclimation of material before installation

Please remove the planks from packaging at least 48 hours prior to installation and allowed to condition in the room where the installation is to take place. Planks may be stacked but must be rested flat. For S5403, it’s possible to leave the packages closed but in a horizontal position in the room for 48 hours prior to installation. Room temperature should be kept between 15°C-27°C. When installing on an underfloor heating, turn it off at least 48 hours beforehand. The floor temperature should never exceed 27°C.

Subfloor preparation

Smartfloor Vinyl Click Flooring can be installed over lightly textured or porous surfaces; well- bonded solid floors; dry, clean well-cured concrete ; wood floors with plywood. This product is not suitable in rooms that could potentially flood or rooms that have damp concrete or saunas. It is not recommended to install the PVC flooring under large windows where the floor is exposed to direct and intense sunlight. When the flooring is exposed to sunlight (presence of window, roof window or skylight), a protection by blanking is required to avoid a significant expansion of the product. Please make sure that all subfloors should be solid, smooth, sound, clean, dry and dust-free before installation. An underlayer is not required for installation but can be used if additional sound insulation is required. If underlayer is used, the thickness must be less than 2mm.


  • The product should be placed at a room temperature of 15°C to 27°C.
  • Carefully check planks for any defects before installation. Check that all Batch Number and Item numbers are the same and that you have purchased enough material to complete the job.
  • Remove any traces of glue or residue from the previous flooring.
  • The starting axis of the first row of the planks is parallel to the length of the room to be covered and/or to the wall of the main window by dividing the width of the room into two identical parts.
  • The width of the first and last row should be greater than 5cm. Otherwise, the start axis will be shifted. The length of a plank should not be less than 25cm.
  • The installation will be done with repeated staggered joints or with lost staggered joints.

If you install C4030 or C5055: for surfaces larger than 100m² and larger than10 linear meters, a fractionation joint of 8mm must be created in the middle of the room with the addition of a suitable profile.

End of installation

Once the flooring is installed, the circulation and fitting can be done immediately after installation. When installing on an underfloor heating, the heating up must be done gradually (by step of 5°C) for at least 7 days after laying.

Maintenance and cleaning

  • Sweep regularly to remove loose dirt or grit as these can cause fine scratches.
  • Use a damp cloth or mop to clean up any dirt and footprints.
  • Avoid the use of bleach-based detergents.
  • Never use wax, polish, abrasive cleaners or scouring agents as they may dull or distort the finish.

For more information, please read carefully the installation instructions provided in each package before your installation.



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